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The Crucible

March 10, 2022 - March 13, 2022

Director's Message

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a gripping drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in old Salem and is both a historical play and a timely parable of contemporary society. The story focuses on John Proctor, his wife Elizabeth, and Abigail Williams who maliciously causes Elizabeth's arrest for witchcraft. When Proctor brings Abigail to court to admit her lie, a current of bigotry and deception flows throughout Salem.

In the early days of our rehearsal process, we explored the real lives of the characters portrayed in this script and we sought to understand the motives of their actions. We discussed the helplessness felt by those living in an oppressive society, the blindness that comes from domineering power, the fear of what is unknown and unseen, and the courage required to be truthful and upright. Just as Arthur Miller used the story of Salem as an allegory for McCarthyism, we were able to find parallels to the stories we are living today.

In our fast-paced, technological world, where nearly everyone has access to a camera and microphone, we can easily report on and give witness to the happenings around us. A misstep, error, or fault is quickly projected to the world for public scorn and scrutiny. We frequently pursue the opportunity to bring shame upon someone for their mistakes rather than to seek atonement and to find forgiveness. In the momentum of frantic finger pointing, we often do not get the full truth before arriving at our own conclusions, but if the spotlight is cast on another’s faults, we can hide our own in the shadows. Arthur Miller’s play calls attention to whether we strive for justice for the sake of righteousness or for the sake of our own pride and vanity. It demands we look within before we look outwardly. It urges us to decry evil, to find the human goodness in others, and to uphold truth, no matter the cost.

I am moved by the maturity and grace our actors have given to this story and to one another. They have, as Proctor pleads, "seen some goodness" in each of these characters, in themselves, and one another. As we step into the pain brought on so many people because of the actions of a few, we are reminded of our frailty and our strength; we each have the means to aggravate callousness and cruelty as well as the means to rise up against it — to protect, heal, and restore. John Proctor bears the weight of that choice, and so do we all.

Special Recognition

Samson Leather
LHS Theater Arts Class
The Smith Family
The Hornbecker Family
The Kaylor Family
The Acton Family
Brandy Moss
Radio Mom
The Lebanon Reporter
Amanda Wines
Jacob Kessler
Gwen Schoeff
LHS Administrators

Original music for scene changes was composed and played by Samuel Piper.
Snare drum is played by Josh Zamora.

Student Helpers:
Emma Buckway
Jackson Buckway
Thomas Devlin
Emma Waskom
Conner Bigler
Anna Hale
Corbin DeVol



For everyone to better enjoy the show, please:

  • No lighted screens or flash photography during the performance.
  • Silence all electronic devices.
  • No food or drinks in the Auditorium, except bottled water.
  • No re-admittance to the performance until curtain closes or Intermission.
  • Please escort unhappy/busy children to the lobby to wiggle.
  • The video or audio recording of this performance by any means is strictly prohibited.

The Crucible
By Arthur Miller

Rachel Becker


Wade Thatcher

Technical Director

Michelle McKaig

Costume Director

Maren Devlin

Stage Manager

JoJo Morrison

Stage Manager

Grant Krulik

Sound Director

Nick Smith

Lighting Director

Neil Acton

Student Director | Stagecraft

Brynn Hensley

Student Director | Acting

Taylor Moss

Student Director | Costuming, Hair, Makeup

Anneliese Wolfgang

Student Director | Acting

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act 1

Act 1 | Scene 1

A bedroom in Reverend Samuel Parris' house, Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of the year 1692.

Act 1 | Scene 2

The common room of Proctor's house, eight days later.

Act 2

Act 2 | Scene 1

Five weeks later, A wood.

Act 2 | Scene 2

The vestry of the Salem Meeting House, two weeks later.

Act 2 | Scene 3

A cell in Salem jail, three months later.

Cast Members

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Neil Acton

John Proctor

Samuel Piper

Deputy Governor Danforth

Craig Reynolds

Reverend Hale

Carter Thurnall

Reverend Parris

Brynn Hensley

Elizabeth Proctor

Anneliese Wolfgang

Elizabeth Proctor

Taylor Moss

Abigail Williams

Mallory Kaylor

Abigail Williams

Emma Hornbecker

Mary Warren

Davohn Ziesmer

Giles Corey

Kourtney Doyle


Dawson Hix

Thomas Putnam

Aaron Carter

Ezekiel Cheever

Ozzy Heath

John Willard

Dillon Stillwell

Judge Hathorne

Emma Brown

Ann Putnam

Ben Waskom

Francis Nurse

Madison VanHowe

Rebecca Nurse

Amelia Schoeff

Mercy Lewis

GraceAnne Newman

Betty Parris

Addison Cupka

Sarah Good

Annabelle Carter

Susanna Walcott

Olivia White

Martha Corey

Erik Culley


Crew Members

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Landon Bailey

Stage Crew

Bee Byrd

Stage Crew

Elsa Cheek

Sound Equipment Manager

Maren Devlin

Stage Manager

John Gascho

Stage Crew

Mary Hutson

Stage Crew

Jayce Klingler


Grant Krulik

Sound Director

Sophie Martinez

Sound Equipment Manager

JoJo Morrison

Stage Manager

Taylor O'Brien

Sound Assistant

Joseph Reinhardt

Stage Crew

Nick Smith

Lighting Director

Grady Wines


Gabrielle Malerich

Stage Crew

Kaitlyn Griffen

Stage Crew, Hair, Makeup

Johara El-Shahat


Erica Rex

Hair, Makeup

Masin Cassis


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